1170 purification board

  • Product name : 1170 purification board
  • Product Categories : 1170 purification board
  • Company name : Borun Zhizao (Shandong) clean technology Co., Ltd

Advantages of 1170 purification board:

The panel is connected with the keel hook to prevent the panel from falling off and increase the overall bending strength of the panel

1170 purification board features:

(1) Flat and beautiful. The products include steel-faced rock wool core board, steel-faced aluminum (paper) honeycomb core board, steel-faced gypsum core board, steel-faced gypsum rock-wool core board, and steel-faced gypsum layer extrusion-reinforced cotton core board. Special core materials and plates with special specifications can also be produced according to customer requirements.

(2) Good sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, shock resistance and fire resistance. The filling materials of the product are all grade A flame-retardant materials, which will not melt when burning, and there is no high-temperature decomposition and dripping. It belongs to the domestic high-grade fireproof building decoration composite board.

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